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Standardization of an in vitro Potency test for vaccines containing Clostridium novyi type B alpha-toxoid


Clostridium novyi type B is the pathogen responsible for necrotizing hepatitis caused by the action of alpha toxin. The control of this disease is based on immunization of animals with vaccines containing alpha toxoid of C. novyi type B in its composition, and the evaluation of this toxoid is made by seroneutralization in mice. Therefore, the present study was aimed to standardize a test of the power of alpha toxoid of C. novyi type B cell line VERO, as an alternative to animal bioassay The correlation coefficient obtained by the in vitro and in vivo techniques was 98.38%, indicating the possible use of the model to replace the animal model to test the power of alpha toxoid of C. novyi type B.

Clostridium novyi type B; soroneutralization; vaccine; bioethics

Instituto Biológico Av. Conselheiro Rodrigues Alves, 1252 - Vila Mariana - São Paulo - SP, 04014-002 - São Paulo - SP - Brazil