Occurrence and antimicrobial resistance profile of Salmonella spp. serotypes isolated from poultry farms in Paraná, Brazil

Jessica Angela Pandini Fabiana Gisele da Silva Pinto Jessica Maronezzi Muller Laís Dayane Weber Alexandre Carvalho de Moura About the authors

Te present study was carried to verify the resistance profile of different Salmonella spp. serotypes isolated from a poultry broiler house against antimicrobial agents. Tree-hundred and forty two drag swabs from poultry farms in western Paraná were processed in the period from January 2010 to January 2011, and 39 Salmonella spp. Strains were isolated. The serovars were mostly: S. Heidelberg, S. Mbandaka, S. Newport, S. Schwarzengrund, S. Enteritidis, S. Livingstone, S. Orion, S. Give and S. Infantis. The determination of the resistance profile to the 19 identified Salmonella serotypes was evaluated against 12 antimicrobial commercials. The results indicate that 51% of Salmonella serotypes showed resistance to on or more antimicrobials, with 12 different resistance patterns. The highest percentage of resistance was related to tetracycline (30,8%) and the lowest one to gentamicin and chloramphenicol (2,6%). The resistance levels indicate that antimicrobials should be used on poultry farms more carefuly, thus seeking to minimize the spread of resistant strains.

antimicrobial susceptibility; poultry production; avian salmonellosis; broiler

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