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Nasosinusal lymphoma of T Natural Killer cells: case report

Victor Labres da Silva Castro João Batista Ferreira Valeriana de Castro Guimarães Gustavo Vasconcelos Nery Tiago Fernando Côrrea Aires Wilder Alves About the authors

INTRODUCTION: The primary nasal lymphoma is an uncommon extranodal tumor and represents 0.44% of all Extranodal lymphomas in this region. The primary nasal lymphoma derives from the T-lineage in nearly 75% of the cases. OBJECTIVE: To describe a case of nasosinusal lymphoma of T Natural Killer cells, attended in the Clinical Hospital of the Federal University of Goiás. CASE REPORT: 48-year-old female patient with diffuse tumefaction in the left hemiface of firm-elastic consistency and painful upon digital compression. Face sinuses tomography identified a total maxillary veiling to the left and some posterior ethmoidal cells. With the diagnostic hypothesis of a tumor affection, we opted for the surgical removal via a transmaxillary approach and the material was sent for biopsy. The histopathological exam diagnosed a highly necrotic tumor of angiocentric pattern, polymorphic and atypical lymphoid population (T /NK Lymphoma); with the prognosis, the patient was submitted to chemical therapy with total regression of the facial edema. FINAL COMMENTS: The otorhinolaryngologist must be attentive as regards the existence of lymphomas among the nasosinusal diseases, because the early diagnosis improves the survival as it prevents metastases, growth and local destruction.

T-NK cells extranodal lymphoma; non-Hodgkin lymphoma; lymphoma; cells lymphoma

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