Nothing else - deciding from madness

Piero Eyben

Taking the epigraph of Kierkegaard launched by JacquesDerrida in his "Cogito and the history of madness", by his reading of the text of Foucault, this paper aims to discuss the moment of decision, beyond the enigma, as an ultimate aporia and on the threshold of mourning. Thus, any interpretation converge to aspacing of writing, the spacing that breaks the cloister and establish it self from the secret, since the passion of the name, as it is evidenced by the textuality of Mallarmé, Artaud, Rosa and Derrida.

decision; madness; aporia; deconstruction

Programa de Pos-Graduação em Letras Neolatinas, Faculdade de Letras -UFRJ Av. Horácio Macedo, 2151, Cidade Universitária, CEP 21941-97 - Rio de Janeiro RJ Brasil , - Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brazil