On the contemporaneous forms of the absolute

Henning Teschke

The absolute is captured in multiple terms: God, the Idea, the Subject, Capitalism, and Communism. However, these concepts are neither separated from the relative, nor do they coincide with it. This generates a distinct question: How does the finite succeed in coping with the infinite without falling into logical paradoxa. The re-discovery of this tension, which is not complicitous with any figure of an ending, delineates the task of thinking at the beginning of the 21st Century. Thinking is called upon to reconsider whether the dualities inherited from modern philosophy are still valid, or deserve to be reconfigured in order to conceive the present towards a more encouraging project for the future. Consequently, philosophy, theology, literature and political economy enter into a constellation, which returns to each of them the pleasure of being non-contemporaneous.

the absolute; the relative; the duality; the infinity

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