Les Cinq Continents, a antologia de Goll: apelo (po)ético cosmopolita

This article discusses some poetic works of Ivan Goll, published in German, French and English, in which the cosmopolitan appeal to a supranational poetry represented a marginal cry of resistance against the totalizing tendencies and categories of the first half of the twentieth century. It seeks to understand if such cry can be related to contemporary reflections on literary genre and multiple art forms, as well as if Goll can be thought of as a 'transgender' artist. It also remarks that Brazilian modernist Mário de Andrade not only followed the dispute between Goll and Breton concerning the inheritance of the concept Surréalisme from Apollinaire's legacy, but also exchanged letters and books with the alsacian poet, enthusiastically praising the anthology Les cinq Continents. Finally, this article presents a translation of two poems related with the cosmopolitan notion: "O Negro do Teatro de Variedades" and "A Canção de João Sem-Terra, O Duplo".

Ivan Goll; anthology Les Cinq continents; La Chanson de Jean sans Terre/Das Lied des Johann Ohneland; "João Sem-Terra, o Duplo"; "Der Varieté-Neger", transgender

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