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Class Party and State Party: Comparing Republicanism in São Paulo and Rio Grande do Sul, 1873-1930


This article compares the "political instruments" used by São Paulo's high bureaucracy to impose its tax and coffee policies on "coffee capital" with the "political instruments" used by Rio Grande do Sul's new urban petite bourgeoisie to impose a political reorganization of the State apparatus inspired by the "scientific" positivism and against the interests of the ranching elites who had hitherto dominated the state.

Brazil's First Republic; coronelism; São Paulo History; Rio Grande do Sul History; São Paulo Republican Party; Rio Grande do Sul Republican Party

Universidade Federal de São Paulo - UNIFESP Estrada do Caminho Velho, 333 - Jardim Nova Cidade , CEP. 07252-312 - Guarulhos - SP - Brazil