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Direct or indirect? The debate on the elections in Brazil (1821-1823)

Kátia Sausen da Motta About the author


This article is devoted to the first political discussion about elections that occurred in Brazil between 1821 and 1823. The main question in the epoch, “direct or indirect election?”, revealed intense mobilization at the electoral method about the moment when the constitutional principles of the Portuguese Kingdom were defined and, soon after, those who would base the Charter of the future Empire of Brazil. From the discussions held in the deliberative institutions, periodicals and pamphlets circulating in Rio de Janeiro, was analyzed the participation of the Brazilian’s deputies in the decision on the theme in both sides of the Atlantic and the campaign for universal suffrage initiated in Portugal and extended to Brazil. The objective was to discuss the view of Brazilian’s politicians about the participation of the ordinary man in the elections and the reasons why the election was chosen in two degrees in Brazil, a solution that is different from the one established in the constitutional experience of the Portuguese Cortes.

Political citizenship; elections; constitutional debates; Brazil Empire; 19th century

Universidade Federal de São Paulo - UNIFESP Estrada do Caminho Velho, 333 - Jardim Nova Cidade , CEP. 07252-312 - Guarulhos - SP - Brazil