Caring for collections in tropical environments: collecting and communicating data at Museu Paulista/USP, Brasil (1997-2000)

The monitoring and environment control activities in the temperate regions have originated the parameters and the actions now established, world widely, for the conservation of the collections; such parameters and the actions, nevertheless, may not be adequate for the conservation of the collections in tropical regions. This work presents a research about the environmental conditions in a museum in a tropical region, the Museum of the University of São Paulo (Museu Paulista da Universidade de São Paulo). Thirty-three rooms, halls and corridors in the four of the museums floors have been monitored with thermo hygrographs since 1997. Huge variations in the UR (30-98%) and temperature (12-35 degrees C) have been registered. The harmful effect on the collections, expected in so changeable climatic situations, has not been found where there is proper ventilation. The monitoring has also enabled the identification of the high-risk areas, where local actions can be introduced in an economical way. Developing an effective way of passing ahead this environment information to the museum's staff has been proved vital for the implementation of sustainable measures of monitoring and climatic control.

Climate in a Museum; Tropical Climate; Brazilian Climate; Brazilian Museums; Environmental Monitoring

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