The two-storey house where Itu Convention was held, in the old Rua do Carmo, (nowadays Rua Barão do Itaim): a documental work of research

The text is about the results of a documental work of research (post-mortem inventory and Book of Notes) regarding the trajectory of the building in which The City of Itu (SP)'s Republican Museum (Museu Republicano na Cidade de Itu-SP) is installed, an extension of Museu Paulista - USP. Therefore, from all the pieces of information researched we can infer that the construction day of the building that shelters the museum, is a lot earlier than 1850, year which has been considered as such in many essays. This year registers, in fact, the presence of one of the families that lived in that building: the Almeida Prados that hosted the Conventionals of 1873.

Museu Republicano Convenção de Itu - MP/USP; Itu; Itu; Almeida Prado

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