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Progressive bulbar palsy (Fazio-Londe disease): case report

Bianca Helena Brum Batista Andrea Garcia de Almeida Magda Lahorgue Nunes Paulo Márcio Condessa Pitrez João Arthur Ehlers About the authors

Progressive bulbar palsy, also called Fazio -Londe disease, is characterized by progressive impairment of cranial nerves in children. It was first reported by Fazio in 1892 and until now only 30 cases have been published in the literature. Both sexes can be affected and clinical course can be divided on early (< 6 years age, predominance of respiratory symptoms) and late course (6-20 years of age, predominance of motor symptoms on superior limbs). We report a 4 years old boy that started with intense stridor and respiratory distress, initially being diagnosed as an acute asthma attack. Clinical signs worsened and 12 months latter he already had impairment of cranial nerves V, VII, VIII, IX and X confirmed by clinical examination and neurophysiological evaluation.

Fazio-Londe disease; progressive bulbar palsy; cranial nerves; brainstem; childhood

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