Awareness, attitudes and perceptions on epilepsy in Southern Brazil

Conhecimento, atitudes e percepções sobre epilepsia no Sul do Brasil

Asdrubal Falavigna Alisson Roberto Teles Felipe Roth Maíra Cristina Velho Marcelo Ricardo Rosa Roxo Alexandre Luiz Dal Bosco Roberta Castilhos da Silva Tatiane Carrer Miguel Francisco de Lessa Medina Gustavo Salvati Cleiton Dahmer Maira Basso Viviane Maria Vedana Thaís Mazzocchin Gabriela Mosena Ricardo Gil Ribeiro Tiago Adami Siqueira About the authors

OBJECTIVE: To verify awareness and attitudes toward epilepsy in Southern Brazil. METHOD: A questionnaire about familiarity with the disease, awareness and attitudes toward epileptics was applied to 832 inhabitants of Caxias do Sul. The answers were analyzed in three different groups: G1, non-university students; G2, university students up to the second year; and G3, university students with more than two years education and university graduates. RESULTS: University students and graduates are better informed regarding causes and treatment of epilepsy. Moreover, those interviewees present less negative attitudes toward epileptics. However, a large part of that group lacks some basic information on the disease. CONCLUSION: There is lack of information on epilepsy among Brazilians. Education campaigns should be carried out in order to clarify some aspects concerning epilepsy.

epilepsy; knowledge; attitudes; questionnaire; Brazil

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