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Double-blind clonazepam vs placebo in panic disorder treatment

Estudo duplo-cego com clonazepam e placebo no tratamento do transtorno do pânico

OBJECTIVE: To assess the effectiveness of clonazepam, in a fixed dose (2 mg/day), compared with placebo in the treatment of panic disorder patients. METHOD: 24 panic disorder patients with agoraphobia were randomly selected. The diagnosis was obtained using the structured clinical interview for DSM-IV . All twenty-four subjects were randomly assigned to either treatment with clonazepam (2 mg/day) or placebo, during 6 weeks. Efficacy assessments included: change from baseline in the number of panic attacks; CGI scores for panic disorder; Hamilton rating scale for anxiety; and panic associated symptoms scale. RESULTS: At the therapeutic endpoint, only one of 9 placebo patients (11.1%) were free of panic attacks, compared with 8 of 13 (61.5%) clonazepam patients (Fisher exact test; p=0,031). CONCLUSION: the results provide evidence for the efficacy of clonazepam in panic disorder patients.

panic disorder; panic attack; clonazepam; treatment

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