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Traumatic lesions of internal saphenous nerve and branches

Lesões traumáticas do nervo safeno interno e seus ramos

Flávio Freinkel Rodrigues Issac Skartz Diego Cassol Dozza Maurício Moscovici Mendel Suchmacher About the authors

OBJECTIVE: To show a rare lesion that sometimes simulates vascular disorder of the lower extremities. METHOD: Three patients were operated and the follow-up period was eight months, the surgical technique was neurotomy of the infrapatellar and descendent branches. RESULTS: In two cases there were almost total pain resolution, and in other case improvement only. CONCLUSION: Surgical treatment yields good results in this type of internal saphenous nerve lesion, and could be useful as an alternative to conservative treatment.

internal saphenous nerve; iatrogenic nerve injury; neurotomy

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