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Neuropsychomotor development before and after open-heart surgery in infants

Desenvolvimento neuropsicomotor de lactentes antes e após cirurgia cardíaca

Taís Sica da Rocha Ana Guardiola Jefferson Pedro Piva Cláudia Pires Ricachinevski Aldemir Nogueira About the authors

There are few Brazilian studies on neuropsychomotor follow-up after open-heart surgery with circulatory bypass in infants. Twenthy infants had neurodevelopmental outcomes (neurological exam and Denver II test) assessed before open-heart surgery, after intensive care unit discharge and 3-6 months after hospital discharge. Heart lesions consisted of septal defects in 11 cases (55%). The mean circulatory bypass time was 67 ± 23.6 minutes. Fifteen infants had altered neurological examination and also neurodevelopment delay before surgery. After 6 months it was observed normalization in 6 infants. When Denver II test indexes were analysed, it was observed an improvement in all domains except personal-social. Although those infants were in risk of new neurological findings, an early improvement on neuropsychomotor indexes were seen.

cardiac surgery; developmental delay; Denver II test

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