Intraoperative rupture in the aneurysmal neck: suggestion for surgical management

The per operative rupture of the aneurysm during dissection impairs the delicate microsurgical procedure and increases the risk of a bad evolution for the patient. During operation the aneurysm generally ruptures in its belly but it could happen just in its colon, between the main vessel and the sac. This brings a serious problem to the neurosurgeon once the placement of a clip at this place will increase the bleeding. Our technical suggestion is to perform the clipage over a small piece of temporal muscle gently placed over the hole of bleeding after temporary clipage. This is a very simple procedure but very useful that must be reminded in such cases. We did not found a similar description in the main books and articles related with intraoperative aneurysm rupture.

intracranial aneurysm; intraoperative rupture

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