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Partial seizures in non-cetotic hyperglycemia

The cases of three patients with focal seizure associated to non-cetotic hyperglycemia are reported. Two patients presented motor epilepsy partialis continua (EPC). One case showed EPC as the first clinical manifestation of diabetes mellitus. Neurological exam was normal in all patients. CT and CSF were normal in the cases they were evaluated. Scalp EEG registered during a focal seizure revealed a bilateral temporal spiky activity. Glycemia levels were 455, 660 and 439mg/dl. Two patients presented hyponatremia simultaneously. No patiets had beneficit with phenytoin or diazepan, and one patient got worse after them. Seizure control occurred after insulin and electrolytic treatment. It is important to diagnose this type of condition to avoid changes of non-cetotic hyperglycemia syndrome in a hypero3-molarity and coma state, disturbance which brings a higher mortality.

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