Autism and Möbius sequence: an exploratory study of children in northeastern Brazil

Autismo e sequência de Möbius: um estudo exploratório em crianças do nordeste do Brasil

The psychiatric examination was performed with diagnostic instruments for autism (DSM-IV and Childhood Autism Rating Scale-CARS) in 23 children with Möbius sequence. From the 23 patients studied with Möbius sequence, five (26.1%) met the diagnostic criteria for infantile autism according DSM-IV and two (8.6%), under two years old, showed autistic-like behavior. The scores for six children were compatible to severe autism symptoms according CARS and one child met the criteria for moderate autism symptoms. Among five children with autism, three (60%) had positive history of misoprostol exposure during the first trimester of pregnancy and from two cases autistic-like, one (50%) had positive history of misoprostol exposure during pregnancy.According to our data, this is the first report of Möbius sequence with autism and positive history of misoprostol use during pregnancy.

autism; Möbius sequence

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