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Gasserian ganglion neurosarcoidosis mimicking trigeminal schwannoma

Neurosarcoidose do gânglio de gasser simulando um schwannoma trigeminal

Tatiana Goyanna Lyra Hae Won Lee Eduardo de Arnaldo Silva Vellutini Maria da Graça Moraes Martin Ana Paula Torres Cardoso Luis Filipe de Souza Godoy Giovanni Guido Cerri Claudia da Costa Leite About the authors

A MRI of a 59-year-old male with right hemifacial hypoesthesia showed a low signal T2-weighted expansive mass in the right Meckel's cave. After failure of initial conservative treatment (Figure 1), surgery was done with partial lesion resection (Figure 2). The pathology and chest CT were consistent with granulomatous disease: neurosarcoidosis. On follow-up the lesion increased in size but after corticosteroids it reversed (Figure 3). The involvement of the trigeminal nerve is very rare with only few cases described in literature. Although rare, sarcoid infiltration of the Gasserian ganglion must be considered in the differential diagnosis of an isolated mass at Meckel’s cave, especially if it has T2 hypointensity signal.

Figure 1
Initial pre-operative images and follow up one month later.

Figure 2
Early post-operative evaluation.

Figure 3
Follow up after surgery with steroid therapy.


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    Feb 2015


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    19 Sept 2014
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    22 Oct 2014
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