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Beta and alpha electroencephalographic activity changes after acute exercise

Alterações eletrencefalográficas nas bandas de frequência alfa e beta após exercício de esforço máximo

Helena Moraes Camila Ferreira Andréa Deslandes Mauricio Cagy Fernando Pompeu Pedro Ribeiro Roberto Piedade About the authors

Exercise has been widely related to changes in cortical activation and enhanced brain functioning. Quantitative electroencephalography (qEEG) is frequently used to investigate normal and pathological conditions in the brain cortex. Therefore, the aim of the present study was to observe absolute power alterations in beta and alpha frequency bands after a maximal effort exercise. Ten healthy young volunteers were submitted to an eight-minute resting EEG (eyes closed) followed by a maximal exercise test using a mechanical cycle ergometer. Immediately after the exercise, another identical eight-minute EEG was recorded. Log transformation and paired student's t-test compared the pre and post exercise values (p<0.05). Results indicated a significant absolute power increase in beta after exercise at frontal (Fp1, F3 and F4) and central (C4) areas, which might be related to increased cortical activation.

EEG; exercise; cortical activation

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