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Neuroendoscopic endonasal transseptal approach to the sellar region: study of 30 cases

Jackson Gondim Israel Pinheiro About the authors

An endoscopic endonasal transsphenoidal approach to the sella was performed in 30 patients. The use of endoscope allowed close inspection and differentiation between tumor tissue and glandular remains, resulting in micro dissection of the tumor with maximumu preservation of pituitary function. The angled view of the endoscope helps gross total removal of the tumor tissue, from the supra and para sellar extension. The endonasal transseptal endoscopic approach helps from dental problems, and lowers incidence of septal perforation, synechia, and crust formation. However the endoscopic approach has drawbacks. Its decreases the depth of field, needs constant manual control of the endoscope, and requires experience with the endoscope technique.

endoscopy; pituitary gland; sphenoid sinus; sella turcica

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