White matter hyperintensities, executive function and global cognitive performance in vascular mild cognitive impairment

Hiper-intensidades de substância branca, função executiva e desempenho cognitivo global no comprometimento cognitivo leve vascular

Felipe Kenji Sudo Carlos Eduardo Oliveira Alves Gilberto Sousa Alves Letice Ericeira-Valente Chan Tiel Denise Madeira Moreira Jerson Laks Eliasz Engelhardt About the authors

Vascular mild cognitive impairment (VaMCI) represents an early symptomatic stage of vascular cognitive impairment and might be associated to fronto-executive dysfunction.


Twenty-six individuals (age: 73.11±7.90 years; 65.4% female; schooling: 9.84±3.61 years) were selected through neuropsychological assessment and neuroimaging. Clinical and neuroimaging data of VaMCI individuals (n=15) were compared to normal controls (NC, n=11) and correlated with Fazekas scale.


VaMCI performed significantly worse than NC in Trail-Making Test (TMT) B, errors in TMT B, difference TMT B-A and Cambridge Cognitive Examination (CAMCOG) final scores. Correlations were found among scores in modified Fazekas scale and performances in TMT B (time to complete and errors), difference TMT B-A and CAMCOG total score.


Extension of white matter hyperintensities might be correlated to poorer global cognition and impairments in a set of fronto-executive functions, such as cognitive speed, set shifting and inhibitory control in VaMCI.

mild cognitive impairment; dementia; vascular; executive function; neuropsychology; neuroimaging; cerebrovascular disorders

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