Cerebellar astrocytomas in childhood: experience on 25 cases

Nilton Domingos Cabral Orildo Ciquini Jr. Hamilton Matushita Valdir Delmiro Neves José Píndaro Pereira Plese About the authors

The experience with the surgical treatment of cerebellar astrocytomas in 25 children is reported. The clinical presentation, incidence, CT-scan diagnostic studies, pathology, recurrence and treatment aspects are discussed. The series included children until 10 years old with peak (7 cases) in the 7th year of age. The more frequent opening symptoms were: headache, vomit and gait disturbances. No surgical mortality occurred in the series. The autors conclude that surgical radical resection is the best therapeutics for this type of tumor and that radiotherapy is indicated only for tumors with malignant histology.

cerebellar astrocytoma; intracranial rumor; childhood

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