Cellular schwannoma: a rare spinal benign nerve-sheath tumor with a pseudosarcomatous appearance: case report

Schwanoma celular: um tumor benigno com características malignas: relato de caso

José Alberto Landeiro Carlos Henrique Ribeiro Alexandre C. Galdino Elizabeth Taubman Alfredo J. Guarisch About the authors

We report a case of cellular schwannoma, a rare benign nerve-sheath tumor in a 27 year-old woman. It was presented as a voluminous lesion in the paraspinal region that caused lumbar vertebral body destruction. These features, in association to the microscopic aspects of a hypercellular, pleomorphic neoplasm may lead to a false impression of a malignant tumor. Therefore, it is important to have an accurate examination to confirm the benign nature of this tumor thus avoiding unnecessary therapy.

cellular schwannoma; benign nerve-sheath tumor; bone destruction

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