Congenital Clubfoot

Daniel Augusto Carvalho Maranho José Batista Volpon About the authors

The clubfoot is one of the most common congenital deformities affecting the lower limbs, it still presents controversial aspects regarding etiology and treatment. In spite of its relatively high frequency, the treatment is still challenging, since the long-term aim is achieving an everlasting flexible, plantigrade, pain-free and totally functional foot. The Ponseti method has gained attention and popularity because of its satisfactory results and surgery avoidance. Presently, surgical treatment is indicated only after failure of conservative methods, avoiding extensive soft-tissue release, but performing localized corrections of the deformities, a technique also know as "a la carte" release. The future perspective is based on the knowledge about long-term results and new understanding of the clubfoot etiology, especially in the genetic field, which may eventually be helpful for prognostic and treatment. Level of Evidence: Level II, systematic review.

Clubfoot; Foot deformities; Congenital abnormalities

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