Use of domestic drilling machines in orthopedic surgeries

Vania Regina Goveia Silma Maria Cunha Pinheiro Ribeiro Kazuko Uchikawa Graziano About the authors

Domestic ordinary drilling machines have been used in orthopedic surgeries in Brazilian hospitals, for bone drilling. However, it is an electric thermo-sensitive appliance, non-specific for surgical use, not assessed in terms of sterilization efficiency, as well as on potential surgical infections associated to its use. The objective of this review was to describe the state-of-the-art use of domestic drills in orthopaedic surgeries, considering the difficulties of cleaning and sterilization. The LILACS and MEDLINE databases were consulted using MeSH and free medical terms, without time restraints. Two specific articles were found about the use of domestic electric drills in orthopaedic surgeries. In the first article, the author suggests the disposal of the equipment in cases of any noticeable blood contamination that could result in difficulties to clean it. The second article describes how to adapt a domestic drilling machine for orthopaedic surgery, but the sterilization process is performed by using formalin tablets at room conditions. Further studies are required for evaluating the current practice and to recommend safe conditions for its use or towards giving it up.

Sterilization; Orthopaedics; Orthopaedic equipment

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