Use of acupuncture after arthroscopic knee surgery and its relationship to pain, physical activity and need of walking aid

Acupuntura em relação a dor, atividade física e a necessidade de apoio para a marcha, no pós-operatório das cirurgias artroscópicas no joelho

Rassen Saidah Alceu Gomes Chueire Wilson Abou Rejaili Nádia Regina Basso Peres João Bosco Guerreiro da Silva Fulvio Schiavo About the authors

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of Acupuncture in the postoperative arthroscopic knee surgery, using "The Opposite Side" technique from the Traditional Chinese Medicine. The 36 pain in the knee were grouped according to the disorders found during the arthroscopic surgery: 50% with isolated lesion of the medial meniscus, 19.44% with lesion of the medial meniscus associated to knee arthrosis ,11.11% with lesion of lateral meniscus associated to knee arthrosis, 8.33% with isolated lesion of lateral meniscus of the knee, 2.77% lesion of both isolated meniscus, 2.77%with lesion of both isolated meniscus, 2.77% with chrondomalacia patella, and 2.77% were free body carrier. Group I, 18 patients (Acupuncture) were submitted to 20 acupuncture session. Contralateral points of acupuncture were performed in the injured knee. Group II, 18 patients (Physiotherapy) were submitted to 20 physiotherapy sessions under the administration of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents. The non-parametrical analysis of the results showed that either the subjective data (pain intensity, difficulty in walking, in crouching, on going upstairs/downstairs, on running, on using some support walking) presented good results in the majority of the studied parameters. Although, the results of the treatment were similar, the acupuncture showed better results since it presented earlier improvement than the physiotherapy.

Acupuncture; Arthroscopy; Physical Therapy; Knee; Medicine, Chinese Traditional

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