Bundle for handling peripherally inserted central catheter in newborns

Maria Paula Custódio Silva Aline Guarato da Cunha Bragato Débora de Oliveira Ferreira Luana Barbosa Zago Silmara Elaine Malaguti Toffano Adriana Cristina Nicolussi Divanice Contim Jesislei Bonolo do Amaral About the authors



To build a bundle for prevention of primary infection of the bloodstream related to catheter that contemplates nursing care for handling the peripherally inserted central venous catheter in newborns.


Methodological research, developed in 2017 in three stages: bibliographic survey, instrument building and content validation by five judges. The instrument for validation was composed of 21 nursing care selected in the first stage. The Content Validity Index above 80% was used to assess concordance among the judges. This step was performed in a single round.


Of the 21 items assessed by the judges, ten were excluded because they had a Content Validity Index under 0.80 and three were grouped to the other care listed. The final version of bundle was composed of eight items. The care included was related to hand hygiene before and after handling; use of syringes of proper caliber; exchange and disinfection of the stopcocks and connectors using alcohol 70%; and permeability test and care with dressing.


The study made it possible to create and validate among judges a bundle for handling peripherally inserted central catheter in newborns aiming to prevent primary infection of the bloodstream related to peripherally inserted central venous catheter.

Patient care bundles; Infant, newborn; Catheterization; Catheter-related infections; Intensive care units

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