Infection by Human Papilomavirus (HPV): doubts and challenges

Danielle Teixeira Queiroz Sarah Maria Fraxe Pessoa Rosiléa Alves de Sousa About the authors

This is a study with women bearers of HPV, which aims to identify the knowledge level, the feelings and the expectations of the women bearers of HPV front to the diagnosis of the disease and the interference of the pathology in the matrimonial relationships. It is an exploratory research, conducted in the Centro de Treinamento em Atenção Primária placed at the Escola de Saúde Pública do Ceará. Twenty women with diagnosis of HPV were interviewed. The analysis of the speeches regarding the level of knowledge of the disease and the forms of prevention revealed that all the women bearers of HPV were aware of the way of transmission and of the gravity of the disease. One analyzed the feelings experienced due to the discovery of the pathology and the change in the relationship after the diagnosis of the disease, and two themes were built: the first regarding the emotional reactions, from where the following categories emerged: 1) fear and concern; 2) sadness and impotence before the cure; 3) surprise; 4) betrayal, blames, rage and 5) indifference before the results; and the second regarding the repercussions in the relationship that allowed the distribution in the categories: 1) discontinuance of the relationship with change in the attitude of the couple, 2) separation, without 3) interference in the relationship and 4) denial before the disease. We considered that the knowledge level, the feelings and the women's expectations revealed in this study reinforce that to approach DST in the last years has been a challenge for the health professionals. There is much to do in order to reach a change of social behavior that guarantees the exercise of a safe sexuality.

Papillomavirus; Sexually transmited diseases; Marriage

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