Conditions treated in the Mobile Medical Emergency Services in Porto Alegre - RS

Giselda Quintana Marques Maria Alice Dias da Silva Lima Rosane Mortari Ciconet About the authors

OBJECTIVE: To characterize the conditions treated in the Mobile Medical Emergency Services (SAMU) in Porto Alegre, from January to June 2008. METHODS: A cross- sectional, descriptive and exploratory study was performed. Data from the information system of the SAMU were used, which were dowloaded into the Microsoft Excel program. Descriptive data analysis was performed. RESULTS: Neurologic, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive and metabolic disorders were most prevalent; most of these occurred in the age group ranging between 41-60 years. Public hospitals and emergency care units were the main ports of entry for patients treated at SAMU. CONCLUSION: These results may contribute to better organization and point of service qualification requirements for the nursing staff that has substantial involvement in patient care.

Emergency medical services; Prehospital care; Health services

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