Understanding domestic violence from the categories gender and generation

Nadielene Pereira Gomes Normélia Maria Freire Diniz Anne Jacob de Souza Araújo Tâmara Maria de Freitas Coelho About the authors

This article is a literature review of 20 bibliographic sources, among them articles, books and thesis from 1996 to 2007. Regarding articles, Scielo represented the database consulted most often. The objective consisted of understanding how the categories 'gender' and 'generation' influence the occurrence of domestic violence against women. Two categories had been established about the topic: gender-based violence and intergenerational-based violence. The study showed that the familiar nucleus, in the patriarchal view, is configured as a space prone to occurrences of gender-based violence and intergenerational-based violence. Therefore, it is necessary to reorganize the family, based on more symmetrical relations between men and women, parents and children.

Domestic violence; Violence against women; Gender identity; Familiar relations

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