Patient safety centers: profile of human resources in the Brazilian scenario

Lucas Rodrigo Garcia de Mello Barbara Pompeu Christovam Mylena da Cruz Araujo Ana Paula Amorim Moreira Erica Brandão de Moraes Graciele Oroski Paes Iuri Bastos Pereira About the authors



To characterize the profile of professionals working in the Patient Safety Centers and to analyze whether there are variables correlated to the application of tools for investigating adverse events.


Quantitative, cross-sectional, prospective study, with a total of 95 professionals from 24 public and private hospitals, which have Patient Safety Centers from the regions: Southeast, Central-West, Northeast and South. The recruitment of participants was carried out in three stages by videoconference and data collection was carried out using a structured form with 14 closed questions. The SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Science) software was used for descriptive statistical analysis. The Spearman test was used to analyze the correlation and significance.


The predominance of nurses (89.5%) responsible for investigating adverse events in the participating institutions is highlighted. The nurses had an average age of 39.5 years old, 14.3 years of professional training and 9.2 years of experience in healthcare practice. Regarding their specialization, 58.8% were post-graduated in intensive care and 79% graduated in quality management. The most used tool for investigation is the London Protocol (95.8%), in addition, the number of applied protocols showed high variability (CV=0.46).


Nurses are the professionals who work in the Patient Safety Centers, leading the process of investigating adverse events; and no strong and significant correlation was found among the quantitative variables to the application of adverse event investigation tools.

Workforce; Patient safety; Health services; Quality management; Brazil

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