Humanized care: a challenge for nursing in the hospitals services

Margarita Poblete Troncoso Sandra Valenzuela Suazo About the authors

This article is a critical analysis of the institutional influence of nurses' work on public health care systems in Latin America, and on how this influence affects the humanistic view of nursing care. An important factor to be considered is that institutional health systems, where nurses work, are impregnated with the biomedical care model. The latter has led to a higher workload for nurses as well as loss of professional autonomy. On the other hand, users appreciate the aspects of healthcare associated with communication, affection, and the care they receive in the hospitals. Hence, it is crucial that nurses provide user-centered care. Moreover, humanized care should be incorporated to nursing practice in order to enhance the quality of public health care systems.

Health care humanization; Hospitals; Nursing care

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