Renoprotective effects of wine flavonoids in nephrotoxicity of the immunosuppressant Tacrolimus

OBJECTIVE: To investigate the renoprotective effects of the extract of Vitis vinifera L in the Tacrolimus-induced nephrotoxicity in experimental studies with rats. METHODS: Quantitative survey with an experimental model in which adult male, Wistar rats, weighing between 250g - 300g, were used. The rats were treated once a day for cincodias by gavage as follows: Saline (control, sodium chloride, 0.1 ml); Vitis (Vitis vinifera L 3mg/kg), FK (0.5 mg / kg); and, FK + Vitis (0.5 mg / kg + 3 mg / kg, respectively). Renal function was assessed by creatinine clearance (CrCL / 100g, Jaffe method) and lipid peroxidation by measurement of urinary peroxides (PU, FOX-2). RESULTS: The administration of FK increased the excretion of peroxides and reduced creatinine clearance, and simultaneous administration with Vitis vinifera L protected the renal function in these parameters. CONCLUSION: These data confirm the injury induced by nephrotoxic Tacrolimus and demonstrated the renoprotective effect of Vitis vinifera L.

Acute kidney injury; Immunosuppressive agents; Vitis vinifera L; Rats, Wistar

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