Clinical conditions and health care demand behavior of chronic renal patients

Thalita Souza Torchi Sílvia Teresa Carvalho de Araújo Alessandra Guimarães Monteiro Moreira Giselle Barcellos Oliveira Koeppe Bruna Tavares Uchoa dos Santos About the authors


To identify the clinical conditions and health care demand behavior of chronic kidney patients in the therapeutic itinerary for hemodialysis.


Qualitative, descriptive and exploratory study based on an interview with ten patients at a renal replacement therapy clinic under hemodialysis treatment and analysis resulting from the use of the Collective Subject Discourse technique, by means of the software qualiquantisofty.


The clinical conditions on the therapeutic itinerary evidenced symptoms of unease and the baseline disease profile identified included hypertensive nephrosclerosis, diabetic nephrosclerosis, undetermined cause and diabetic nephrosclerosis associated with arterial hypertension. The behaviors that negatively affected the health control were the delay to receive care in the health network, the non-acceptance of the disease and the treatment.


Few patients received early monitoring without any sign of symptoms. Nevertheless, the majority were hospitalized suddenly.

Nursing care; Public health nursing; Chronic renal failure; Patient acceptance of health care; Qualitative research

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