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Impaired skin integrity in the elderly: study of incidence from a community attending a Family Health Program

OBJECTIVE: this descriptive study has the general objective of studying the occurrence of impaired skin integrity in the elderly from a community attending a Family Health Program in Goiânia, Brazil. METHODS: forty elders participated in this study. The data collection occurred from January until June at 2004, at the participants' residences, where we conducted interviews and clinical exams. RESULTS: the skin integrity impaired was found in 20 participants (50%). The defining characteristic of a higher frequency was the disruption of the skin surface (85%). The related factors identified with a higher or equal frequency of 50% were: age extremes (100%), immunological factors (100%), alteration in turgor (100%), mechanical factors (85%), usual medication (50%). CONCLUSION: these results point to the necessity of nursing interventions for prevention and recovery of lesions, besides promotion of the health as a whole, looking for the skin integrity.

Aged; Nursing diagnosis; Health family program; Geriatric nursing

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