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José Agrippino de Paula: artista POP tropicalista

This paper deals with the thought, life and works of tropicalist pop artist José Agrippino de Paula. Based on a series of interviews with the artist, it approaches his intermidia events, his cinema of invention, his ,happenings, his fantastic realism and the experiences of the 60s and 70s. This paper was prepared concomitantly with the release by Dual Disc Selo SESC of Exu Encruzilhadas, a multimedia CD containing not only ten previously unreleased song by Agrippino, found by filmmaker Hermano Penna, but also two of his Super8 films shot in África, Candomblé no Togo and Candomblé no Dahomey.

pop tropicalism; counterculture; cinema of invention; intermidia

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