Yield and genetic potential of sweet potato clones

With the objective to evaluate the yield and genetic potential of sweet potato clones, aiming at the selection of more productive genetic material, with traits that facilitate tillage, an experiment was conducted in 2007, composed of nine clones and two local varieties, in a completely randomized block design with three replications. Six traits of the shoot and four traits of the storage roots were evaluated. Clone 6 had the highest marketable root yield, with 12.08 t ha-1. Clones 8, 14 and the "Rainha Prata" variety had the highest shoot phytomass yield, with 5.42, 5.17 and 5.83 t ha-1, respectively. Clone 11, in addition to producing 9.08 t ha-1 of marketable root and 4.02 t ha-1 of shoot phytomass, also featured favorable internode length and diameter for the practice of tillage. Marketable root and shoot yield and the length of internode presented the highest and favorable σ2G and σ2E, CV G, h² and variation index (b) to obtain satisfactory genetic gains from the selection. Thus, clones 6 and 11 presented interesting traits that could be exploited by selective techniques in future stages of breeding program of this culture.

Ipomoea batatas; genetic breeding; genetic parameters; genotypes

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