Influence of waxing coupled to 1-methylcyclopropene on compositional changes in early harvested 'Gold' pineapple for export

Influencia de revestimento associado ao 1-metilciclopropeno nas alterações do abacaxi 'Gold' colhido verdoso para exportação

This work evaluated the changes in quality in early-harvested 'Gold' pineapple after coating with wax and exposure to 1-Methylcycloprepene before or after coating. The storage conditions and the experimental period simulated those of shipping and marketing, assuming that Ceará, Brazil, is the production site and Europe is the marketplace. Evaluation was performed after harvest, upon removal of the fruit from cold storage, and every three days during room storage. Evaluations included visual quality of the fruit, shell yellowing, mass loss, flesh color, soluble solids, titratable acidity, pH, soluble solids to acid ratio, ascorbic acid, total soluble sugars, reducing sugar, phenolic content, and yellow flavonoids. Low temperature was the key variable for maintaining fruit quality during storage and simulated shipping. Waxing had a remarkable effect on visual quality, delaying yellowing and reducing shell dehydration. Those effects were not enhanced by the application of 1-MCP. 1MCP treatment resulted in the maintenance of total phenolic content and retention of yellow flavonoids. Fruit flesh became lighter, while yellow color became more vivid during storage. Sugars and pH varied little during storage, while the decline in TA was more intense in waxed fruit. 1-MCP and waxing may be combined to preserve external and internal quality.

Ananas comosus L. Merrill; shipping; market; shell appearance; eating quality

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