Bean yield and nutrient contents under no-tillage with different nitrogen fertilization levels and cover crop residues

The object was to evaluate the dry bean nutrient contents and grain yield in no-till. The study was carried out in a randomized block design, and four replications, with a split-plot arrangement. The dry bean macro and micronutrients contents and grain yield were determined. The straws significantly influenced Fe content, while nitrogen fertilization levels influenced N, Ca, Mg and Mn contents. There were significant interactions between straws and the rate of N for P, K and S contents. The greatest dry bean Fe foliar content was observed under dwarfguandu straw. N contents increased until the rate of 62 kg ha-1 N, and experienced reduction after that level. The N rates provided linear effects in Ca, Mg and Mn contents, being negative for Ca and positive for the others. P contents had little reduction with increases in millet and millet+jack-bean straws. K contents increased until rates near 50 kg ha-1, with reduction after that level under all the straws with millet presence. Under millet and dwarf-guandu straws, the reduction occurred starting at small N rates. S contents increased quadratically, only under straws where millet was present. The best grain yield was obtained under millet+jack bean in the largest N rate.

no-till; cover plants; green manure; nitrogen fertilization; Pennisetum typhoides; Canavalia ensiformes; Cajanus cajan

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