Latossol chemical and physical attributes affected by tillage system and gypsum effect

The objective of this work was to evaluate the gypsum residual effect and two tillage systems as for their chemical and physical attributes in a red dystroferric Latossol (Hapludox). The experiment was carried out in 2004/2005 on the experimental field of the Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul - UFMS, in Dourados, State of Mato Grosso do Sul. The experimental design was in randomized blocks in sub-subdivided plots with four replications. Main plots consisted of two tillage system (no tillage and conventional tillage). The subdivided plots were gypsum doses (0 and 2000 kg ha-1) and sub-subdivided plots, the depths. The following parameters were estimated: pH in CaCl2, P, Ca+2, Mg+2, K+, Al+3, H++Al+3, aluminum saturation, base saturation, bases sum, cation exchange capability, particle density, soil bulk density, soil total porosity. The interaction between tillage system and gypsum dose was significant for soil density and total porosity, with an increase in the soil density and a reduction in the total porosity in combination with no tillage and 2000 kg ha-1 of gypsum. The tillage system and gypsum effect did not affect the chemical attributes, except for the P drift which was bigger in no tillage system than in conventional tillage.

Glycine max; tillage system; gypsum

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