Effect of phytase on digestibility of corn, sorghum and wheat bran by silver catfish (Rhamdia voulezi )

Efeito da fitase sobre a digestibilidade do milho, sorgo e farelo de trigo pelo jundiá (Rhamdia voulezi )

Altevir Signor Vanessa Lewandowski Rodrigo Aguiar da Silva Edionei Maico Fries Jean Marcel Schuller About the authors


This study aimed to evaluate the digestibility of plant energetic ingredients, corn, sorghum and wheat bran, with and without phytase supplementation, in silver catfish (Rhamdia voulezi). The experimental design was completely randomized, represented by eight treatments, which consisted of the development of a reference diet and a test diet for each ingredient evaluated (corn, sorghum and wheat bran), with and without supplemental phytase. Diets were formulated so as to contain 70% reference feed and 30% test ingredient. The digestibility coefficients of dry matter and crude protein were significantly influenced only in relation to the evaluated ingredients. Phytase influenced the digestibility coefficients of energy and phosphorus, with interaction between food and the enzyme addition. The interaction between these two factors shows that the phytase efficiency is dependent on the type of vegetable ingredient used in the diet. The results suggest the supplementation of phytase for a higher nutrient digestibility of corn, sorghum and wheat bran by silver catifish (R. voulezi).

feeding; enzyme; plant energetic ingredients; silver catfish

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