Economic viability of including palm kernel cake in diets for feedlot lactating cows

Viabilidade econômica da inclusão de torta de dendê em dietas para vacas lactantes em confinamento


This study aimed to evaluate the inclusion of palm kernel cake in the diet for lactating crossbred cows in feedlot system, and its implications on economic viability. We used 12 crossbred Holstein x Zebu cows assigned to three 4 x 4 Latin Squares, in the following treatments: control (without inclusion of palm kernel cake in the diet); inclusion of 50, 100 or 150 g palm kernel cake (PKC) per kg in the total dry matter (TDM). Earnings per animal showed a reduction in values, this decrease in profitability is related to the increase in feed costs, specifically, and the costs with concentrate, which increased as the palm kernel cake was included in the treatments, 0, 50, 100 and 150 g kg-1 TDM. The effect observed for profitability affected the internal rate of return, which decreased with the inclusion of palm kernel cake levels in the diet. However, it was positive in all treatments, demonstrating the feasibility of investment in palm kernel cake. Data on the economic viability evidenced that treatment with 100 g palm kernel cake per kg TDM is the most financially viable under the conditions of this study.

economic analysis; costs; profits; gross income

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