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Gestão ambiental e interesses corporativos: imagem ambiental ou novas relações com o ambiente?

Antônio Ribeiro de Almeida Júnior Helena Lemos dos Reis Magalhães Gomes About the authors

This article discusses the emergence of a new environmental communication system at the service of large corporations. This system includes new agents among which we highlight: environmental NGO's, environmental certification companies and institutions that promote environmental awards. It is argued that this situation has transformed relations and conditions under which environmental debates occur and the focus of potential solutions to these issues. The research is based on literature review and a qualitative analysis of a set of Brazilian advertising that uses environmental themes. In this set of ads, we found elements to build hypotheses on the strategies used by the corporate sector to respond to environmental challenge.

Environment; media; publicity; NGO; environmentalism

ANPPAS - Revista Ambiente e Sociedade Anppas / Revista Ambiente e Sociedade - São Paulo - SP - Brazil