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Academic productivism: representation of the university as a space for social reproduction

Josimar de Aparecido Vieira Ana Sara Castaman Mario Luiz Junges JúniorAbout the authors

Based on the assumption that productivist relations are supported by the production pattern of capitalist society, this article aims to contribute to the understanding of university education as a space for the reproduction of dominant social formations. To this end, it was produced through bibliographical research concentrated on works by authors such as Althusser (1970), Bourdieu and Passeron (1992), Bianchetti and Machado (2009), Sguissardi e Silva Júnior (2009), Sguissardi (2010), Durkheim (2011), Saviani (2012), Bianchetti and Valle (2014), Patrus, Dantas and Shigaki (2015) and Guill, Zanferrari and Almeida (2017), among others. This approach is based on exploratory and descriptive research and was developed following a qualitative and dialectical approach, following the movements and contradictions proper to educational spaces. As an organization, the work is structured so that it presents the theoretical constructions that highlight school education as a space of reproduction and maintenance of the dominant social structure; the relations of production existing in universities and the question of academic productivism and the university as a space of reproduction of the dominant ideology. These points, presented in an interconnected and interdependent way, indicate that the understanding of the school as an Ideological State Device provides subsidies for the recognition of the reality of universities and its approach to the formulation of academic productivism, leading to the understanding of the university as an environment of social reproduction.

Academic productivism; Ideological devices; Social reproduction.

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