Genetic analysis of species in the Genus Catasetum (ORCHIDACEAE) using RAPD Markers

In this work, RAPD molecular markers were used to access the genetic variability and to study the inter and intraespecifc relationship in a group of 37 species, including 56 individuals. A total of 15 RAPD primers were selected for DNA amplification. From a total of 221 bands analyzed, 209 (95%) were polymorphics. The level of interespecifc genetic similarity ranged from 37% between Catasetum complanatum and Catasetum laminatum to 83% between Catasetum triodon and Catasetum uncatum. The intraspecifc genetic similarity varied 88% for the individuals of Catasetum triodon to 93% between the individuals of Catasetum atratum and Catasetum macrocarpum. These results would contribute to understand the genetic relationship in Catasetum, to define the strategies to establish a germplasm core collection for the genus and to provide support for breeding programs.

Catasetum; molecular marker; orchid; RAPD; genetic similarity

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