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Temporal expression pattern of the insulin-like growth factor II and fibroblast growth factor transcripts in avian embryogenesis

Jane Eyre Gabriel Lúcia Elvira Alvares Luiz Lehmann Coutinho About the authors

In this study, the abundance of IGF-II and bFGF transcripts was estimated in the chicken embryos using the competitive RT-PCR analysis. Significant enhancements in the abundance of IGF-II mRNA were observed at stages HH1 and 5, and a new accumulation in these levels was observed at stage HH18 in comparison to the basal levels. The abundance of bFGF mRNA increased significantly at stages HH18 and 20, followed by an upregulation in the expression of these transcripts at stage HH26. These findings provided important information about the temporal expression pattern of IGF-II and bFGF transcripts in the whole chicken embryos during in ovo development.

chicken embryos; temporal expression; competitive RT-PCR; growth factors

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