Temporal stability for unpredictable annual climatic variability for Hevea genotype selection

The objective of this study was to assess genotype-year interaction and determine temporal stable genotypes across six years of rubber yield evaluation. Stability analyses were performed by Eberhart and Russell method for rubber yield. Twenty-five genotypes were analyzed in a randomized complete block design with three replications. The best genotype in one year was not same always in the other year. The genotype components were partitioned into linear (genotypes within year) and nonlinear (pooled deviations) components. Significant mean square for linear components was predictable. This indicated that the performance of genotypes across the years for rubber yield could be predicted. Among the analyzed genotypes the IAC 40 also was considered highly productive and vigorous, with suitable adaptation.

Hevea brasiliensis; genotype x year interaction; rubber tree; rubber yield; stability parameters

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