Size at morphological maturity of Ucides cordatus (Linnaeus, 1763) (Brachyura, Ocypodidae) in the Laranjeiras Bay, Southern Brazil

Glaucia Dalabona Jayme de Loyola e Silva Marcelo Antonio Amaro Pinheiro About the authors

Morphometry and maturity of Ucides cordatus were analyzed with males and females collected during one year on a monthly basis at Laranjeiras Bay, Paraná State, Brazil. Carapace length, chelipeds propodus length and abdominal width were measured and related to carapace width to verify sexual dimorphism and size at morphological maturity of each sex. Carapace and propodus length of larger and smaller cheliped presented difference between sexes, confirming the use of both as secondary sexual characters. MATURE II program indicated 44mm and 43mm of carapace width to represent the size at sexual maturity of males and females, respectively.

Reproduction; relative growth; fishery resource

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