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For this issue, we invited Clive Thomson, a professor at the University of Guelph (Guelph, Ontario, Canada), a researcher and leading expert on Bakhtin, to be Bakhtiniana'sad hoc editor. He suggested an issue on Mikhail Bakhtin's time and ours. We promptly accepted it, and the result was this wonderful collection of articles that certainly provides a valuable point of reference for studies in the field both in Brazil and abroad. Clive's Editorial, which gives details of the composition and organization of the submitted and selected articles, entitled Mikhaïl Bakhtin: His Time and Ours, follows this brief introduction.

This issue also brings two book reviews of works recently published. The first one, written by Adriana Pucci Penteado de Faria e Silva (UFBA), addresses the work Teoria do romance I: a estilística [Theory of the Novel I: Stylistics] by Mikhail Bakhtin. This book, which is Paulo Bezerra's translation of Discourse in the Novel from Russian into Portuguese, comes with the translator's foreword, notes and a glossary. Without a doubt, this book will call the attention of language and literature scholars. The second book review, written by Anthony Wall (University of Calgary, Canada) - who has also written an article for this issue, is about the book collection Dialogismo: teoria e(m) prática [Dialogism: theory and/in practice] edited by Beth Brait and Anderson Salvaterra Magalhães. This book has been recently nominated as one of the top 10 finalists for the 57th Jabuti Award (Brazilian Chamber of Books) in the category of Literary Criticism and Literary Theory, Dictionary and Grammar.

Our heartfelt gratitude for the invaluable contributions to this issue. Futhermore, we thank all the authors, reviewers, proofreaders and translators who allowed Bakhtiniana to publicize studies on discourse, to maintain its A1 classification (the highest journal) by the Qualis system of CAPES (the Brazilian Federal Agency for the Support and Evaluation of Undergraduate/Graduate Education) and its indexation at SciELO (a major electronic library covering a selected collection of Brazilian scientific journals), and to be accepted for inclusion in Scopus. Once again, we would also like to thank MCTI/CNPq/MEC/CAPES [Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation/Brazilian National Research Council/The Brazilian Ministry of Education/Brazilian Federal Agency for Support and Evaluation of Graduate Education] and PUC-SP (Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo) [Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo), which, through the Deanship of Graduate Studies, has provided us with the necessary support to publish issues of Bakhtiniana by means of their Plano de Incentivo à Pesquisa [Research Incentive Plan] (PIPEq) / Publicação de Periódicos [Journal Publication] (PubPer-PUCSP) - 2015, without which it would have been impossible to publish our issues.

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